Planning and Conducting Board of Directors' Meetings

A step by step “How-To” Guide for Homeowners’ Association Members and Management Personnel.

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The purpose of this guide is to provide well intentioned and hard-working members of a homeowners association who step-up and take on the responsibility of serving as a director of the association with an overview of the process for planning and conducting meetings of their association’s board of directors.

What’s Included:

A 3 part procedure spanning 22 pages outlining how to properly plan for, conduct, and document a board of directors meeting.

10 Recommended easy to use forms to use for all HOA Board Meetings

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This 22 page “How-To” Guide outlines a 3-Part procedure on how to properly notice, conduct and document Board of Directors’ Meetings and also provides guidance on the use of 10 recommended forms that are designed to document the business conducted at Board of Directors’ meetings. This “How-To” Guide is beneficial for Homeowners’ Association Directors, Members and Management Personnel and will help them to understand and implement the proper procedures to follow in planning, conducting and documenting meetings of the Association’s Board of Directors. The material in this Guide is organized in three main categories: Planning the Meeting; Pre-Meeting; and Board Meeting. Each category contains specific information on various topics related to that category and related professionally prepared forms that may be utilized for each step in the process.

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