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HOA Member Services is your comprehensive support center, offering a complete wealth of information, tools, education, and other HOA resources. As a help desk for homeowners and community associations, we guide you through a spectrum of HOA-related issues. Elevate your community management by becoming a member today.

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Empower Your HOA Decisions

Make the smart choice for your community – join us and unlock the benefits of our memberships.

  • Comprehensive Resource Library: Exclusive access to a rich repository of tools and helpful HOA board resources tailored for efficient HOA management.

  • Expert Guidance: Ongoing support and advice from industry experts to navigate complex HOA challenges and ensure informed decision-making.

  • Time and Money Savings: Streamlined processes designed to save you valuable time and money, making HOA duties more manageable.

  • Vendor Reliability Assurance: Access a vetted network of reliable vendors, reducing the stress of finding trustworthy service providers for your community.

Make Your HOA Experience Easy

Manage Your HOA Efficiently

Reduce your workload and save time with quick, unlimited access to a wealth of information and expert guidance on HOA-related matters.

Make Better-Informed Decisions

Make better-informed and responsible decisions when it comes to your HOA with our helpful resources and case studies.

Achieve Your HOA Goals

We make accomplishing your association’s goals possible by giving you the tools and resources necessary to enforce effective HOA management and strong board leadership.

Transform Your Community

Our Membership Plans Make It Simple

Knowledge Hub

Access over 600+ articles & case decisions, staying on top of things for your HOA community.

Resource Library

Dive into a vast collection of other association resources online, including free, downloadable HOA forms and HOA guides.

Expert Support

Navigate legal issues online with unlimited support from an experienced online HOA attorney registered as a Pro or HOA Team member online.

Pricing Plans

Become a Member

Personal Monthly

$ 12.70 /month
  • Access to over 600 Articles & Case Decisions
  • Access to hundreds of Resources
  • HOA Newsletter
  • Free Copy of HOA LIVING
  • 25% OFF Download Forms
  • 1 User


$ 97 Annual
  • Access to over 600 Articles & Case Decisions
  • Access to hundreds of Resources
  • HOA Newsletter
  • Free Copy of HOA LIVING
  • 25% OFF Download Forms
  • 1 User


$ 297 Annual
  • Access to over 600 Articles & Case Decisions
  • Access to hundreds of Resources
  • HOA Newsletter
  • Free Copy of HOA LIVING
  • Free Unlimited Access to Download Forms (save $1000s!)
  • Unlimited Personal Support from HOA Attorney
  • 1 User

HOA Team

$ 347 Annual
  • Access to over 600 Articles & Case Decisions
  • Access to hundreds of Resources
  • HOA Newsletter
  • Free Copy of HOA LIVING
  • Free Unlimited Access to Download Forms (save $1000s!)
  • Unlimited Personal Support from HOA Attorney
  • Up to 10 Users

How it Works


Sign up for a subscription plan that best suits your needs.

Get the Help You Need

Access the information, support, and HOA resources you need at anytime.

Manage Your HOA Effectively

Educate and empower yourself to handle HOA board meetings and board operations smoothly with access to our extensive library of resources and expert guidance on HOA-related law and issues.

What Are The Benefits?

A Cost-Saving Plan For Your HOA Team

Our cost-effective “HOA Team” plan is ideal for many HOA associations with multiple team members like directors, managers, other HOA board members, and administrators. You can add up to 10 more users, and each member can access the full subscription benefits at no extra cost. You also get full control over user access at any time.

Access To Hundreds Of Articles & Case Decisions

We've curated an extensive, complete, weekly-updated library of over 425 HOA-related Articles and Course Case Decisions to enhance your HOA experience. Every article is linked with relevant forms and learning guides related to the HOA subject topic to aid your usage of the information.

Direct Support From An Experienced HOA Attorney

Consulting an experienced attorney can typically cost you up to $400/hour. But when you subscribe to our “Pro” or “HOA Team” payment plan, you can receive personal support on HOA and insurance-related issues via email from an expert attorney at no extra cost.

Quick Links To Pertinent Resources

Review state-specific laws so you can ensure compliance and avoid legal troubles and lawsuits when handling HOA-related matters. You also get direct contact links to governmental agencies that provide information concerning licensing, insurance, and business statuses.

Free Downloads For HOA-Operational Resources

Get a 25% discount with registration for the “Personal Plan” on over 150 HOA-operational forms, 8 instructive step-by-step guides, and condensed booklets on state laws for all associations in most US states. Or better yet, register and get unlimited free downloads for all the resources on the “Pro” and “HOA Team” Plans.

Exclusive Subscriber Only Mailings

Every month, you’ll receive our monthly email newsletter featuring popular HOA operational tips, articles written by HOA professionals and industry experts, and other important HOA-related news to keep you informed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our memberships are designed to assist you in addressing a range of challenges, from staying updated on state laws to handling community events, vendor management, dispute resolution, and generally making informed decisions to avoid legal and financial issues.

By providing a comprehensive library of resources, tools, and expert guidance, our membership streamlines your HOA responsibilities, reducing the time spent on research and problem-solving. This efficiency ultimately translates into significant time and cost savings.

As a member, you gain exclusive access to a wealth of information, tools, and educational materials tailored to simplify your HOA duties. From legal insights to best practices in property and vendor management and accounting, we’ve got you covered.

Our membership provides you with expert guidance and resources that empower you as HOA board members of community associations to make informed decisions, whether it’s about community planning, legal matters, planned development, or financial considerations. Stay well-informed to lead and serve your community effectively.

Yes, exclusive to association Pro and HOA Team memberships, you have the invaluable benefit of direct access to contact an HOA attorney. This feature provides you with expert legal advice, assistance, and guidance, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to navigate any legal challenges that may arise within your homeowners associations.

We regularly update and maintain our library to ensure that you have access to the latest information, tools, and best practices in HOA management. Count on us to provide you with current and relevant resources for your community association leadership.

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