Why Does My HOA Need Background Screening for Board, Staff, Property Managers and Vendors?

Homeowners Associations Are Vulnerable to Illegal Conduct That Can Cause Serious Damage

HOA’s are controlled by volunteer officers and directors, and by property managers who serve terms of limited duration and whose backgrounds are generally not known.

  • These people are then placed in positions of trust and given access to the association’s funds and property.
  • They are given the responsibility and authority of hiring other people such as accountants, bookkeepers, security guards, contractors, and maintenance personnel.
  • They have access to the association’s funds, property and the people who reside in the community.


We created HOABackgroundCheck.com to facilitate homeowners association operations.

Our series of background screening packages are tailored to the evaluation of candidates for positions such as directors, officers, property managers, security, maintenance and third-party service providers.

What is HOA Background Screening?

Background screening refers to the process of acquiring and reviewing public records that disclose a person’s or a company’s history in order to verify information that may have been provided by the person, and/or to learn information that was not provided in order to determine their qualifications and develop a comfort level regarding their trustworthiness.

An HOA background check can include many different types of records such as

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Criminal
  • Credit
  • Motor vehicle and licensing
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Why Choose Us?

We understand the needs of HOA’s regarding hiring and empowering elected volunteers’ access to your HOA, and its members, personnel, funds and property.

Protect Individuals, Property and Your HOA

Performing a background check on individuals and companies whose histories and backgrounds are not known is crucial to ensure a homeowners association’s financial safety and minimize the risk of harm to those that the individual has access to.

Investigating a person’s history of criminal activity helps to prevent financial crimes such as embezzlement and theft, and other crimes against people and property.

To minimize the risk of a homeowners association being damaged by the wrongful acts of a person or company, and potential liability for negligent hiring, association directors should establish policies for the association that incorporate the use of background screening on the association’s board members, as well as staff and management personnel who occupy positions of trust, and third-party vendors and service providers.

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We have individual reports and tailored packages for the unique needs of different member, employee or vendor types.

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