Condominium Association Elections - Florida

A Guide for Condominium Association Members and Management Personnel Based on Florida Statutes (135 Pages).

Did you know?

Condominium associations in Florida that have more than 10 units must follow certain procedures in connection with the election of the directors of the association. The applicable Florida statutes and the condominium association’s governing documents require a condominium homeowner’s association to conduct certain voting, including the election of directors, by the members of the association. The statutes and/or governing documents also mandate procedures to be followed in conducting the votes/elections by the members and those to be followed after the vote or election takes place.

What’s Included:

This Guide describes the steps that should be followed by a Florida condominium homeowners’ association in order to conduct membership voting and elections and the process for challenging a vote or election that has not been properly conducted.

Throughout this Guide there are references to Florida state statutes and rules concerning elections, copies of which are contained in Appendix A (Chapter 718, Condominium Associations).

Included are 26 Easy-to-Use forms, copies of which are contained in Appendix B, that will assist a condominium association in properly conducting membership votes and elections.

Table of Contents
Appendix A – Statutes (Page 1)
Appendix B – Forms (List)

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