Common Security Mistakes Made by Homeowners Associations

A homeowners association (HOA) determines the security measures implemented into a community, yet some HOAs don’t properly assess and protect their residents.

Ensure the necessary measures that will protect you and your neighbors aren’t neglected so your home isn’t put at great risk. You can do this by making sure your HOA takes the right steps toward preventing criminal activities. Here are the most common security errors made by homeowners associations:


A home security survey or assessment will help you determine which areas of your home present the greatest security risk. The survey will assess risks to ensure the neighborhood is less vulnerable to threats or attack. Specifically, it will assess the boundary quality of your neighborhood and its individual homes.

Boundaries that are poorly lit or have insecure entrances could increase the chances of theft. A security assessment will also audit past criminal activity within the area, identify possible target areas, and will test security systems already in place. It’s best that you hire a professional security consultant, rather than have an HOA member complete the audit. A professional can assess the property without any preconceived notions and their expertise will uncover unexpected weak points.

Proper Investments

Once you’ve identified your security risks, make sure you implement a system that is effective. Reduction of theft requires serious investments. If you, for example, have an issue with people posing as visitors, your best bet would be to hire a security guard. A guard provides an extra barrier of protection before anyone is let into the community.

Human surveillance and border control is more effective than applied technology. But, potential criminals can work around a technical system. They may follow behind a resident who uses their key card for community access or climb the protective fence. American Guard Services is an excellent resource that will help you find a reputable and well-trained security professional.

Camera Placement and Quality

Perimeter cameras within the neighborhood are necessary so you can record any suspicious activity. Oftentimes, cameras are only placed near the entrances of the community rather than around the perimeter where criminals are more likely to enter. Install high-quality cameras around the perimeter of the property, entry points and other weak spots. The video quality should be of good caliber so you can make out the details of any criminal activity. An HD security camera will provide video surveillance that captures visual details in order to help authorities identify any perpetrators.

HOA Members Provide Security

Perhaps one of your neighbors can provide protection, but if a major theft or crime occurs on their watch, they may be brought to court or even forced out of the community altogether. You don’t want their judgment to come into question in the event of a crime, resulting in many legal headaches and costly repairs.

You would be best suited if the HOA employed a third-party firm to watch over and safeguard the community and avoid any internal conflict. Interstate Security Corp. has some in-depth tips on how you can find the best security service provider for your community.

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